Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management (P - ESEM) is a journal focusing on publishing papers selected from high quality conference proceedings, with emphasis on relevant topics associated to environmental science and engineering, as well as to specific management issues in the area of environmental protection and monitoring.

P - ESEM facilitates rapid dissemination of knowledge in the interdisciplinary area of environmental science, engineering and management, so conference delegates can publish their papers in a dedicated issue. This journal will cover a wide range of related topics, such as: environmental chemistry; environmental biology; ecology geoscience; environmental physics; treatment processes of drinking water and wastewater; contaminant transport and environmental modeling; remediation technologies and biotechnologies; environmental evaluations, law and management; human health and ecological risk assessment; environmental sampling; pollution prevention; pollution control and monitoring etc.

We aim to carry important efforts based on an integrated approach in publishing papers with strong messages addressed to a broad international audience that advance our understanding of environmental principles. For readers, the journal reports generic, topical and innovative experimental and theoretical research on all environmental problems. The papers accepted for publication in P – ESEM are grouped on thematic areas, according to conference topics, and are required to meet certain criteria, in terms of originality and adequacy with journal subject and scope.

Procedia Enviromental Science, Engineering, and Management is covered by: